i love when my followers blog things like this

this guy was my idol at one point

Mine too. In 5th grade we had to mail our hero as a project and see who mailed back. Most people picked baseball players or something, but I was one of three kids that actually got mail back from my hero. Steve was so nice in the letter, he sent me bumper stickers and a map of the zoo he used to work at too.

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So I think this might actually be done! Or as done as it’s ever going to be.

I’m actually a little scared of her now. Which is exactly what I was going for :D

Here’s a closeup of the face:

You can find more of my work (including these!) on my DeviantArt.

I’ll be doing a little art giveaway soon - I haven’t figured out the rules yet but stay tuned! I was going to wait until I got 100 followers, but fuck it, ART EVERYWHERE!

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